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What to look for in a blood glucose meter?

While searching for a blood glucose meter, it is important to purchase one that is easy to use and one that you are comfortable with. Here are a few important features that you would want your new blood glucose meter to have:

  1. Accuracy

    Accuracy, as per the accepted standard ISO 1597:2013, is an important requisite for your blood glucose meter to have in order to better understand how your blood glucose levels react to various consumptions and activities throughout the day.

  2. User-Friendly

    Certain blood glucose meters do not require any coding from the end user, making them extremely convenient and very easy to use. Additionally, the display should be large and your blood sugar readings should be easy to read in the case of visual impairment.

  3. Safety

    A blood glucose meter that detects under-dosage is very useful as there will be an incorrect reading if there is an incorrect dosage. Having a re-dosage feature is an additional benefit wherein you can quickly take another dosage within a certain time period in order to make up for the lack of blood sample.

  4. Data Storage

    Using a blood glucose meter with data storage, and one that calculates averages readings over a period of time can prove to be very useful to your doctor as your doctor can then analyze your progress and make decisions as to what your medications should be and when you need to take it.

  5. Additional Benefits

    Some of the extra features that you should look for in your blood glucose meter include:

    • Pre-meal and post-meal markers
    • Postprandial reminders that alert you after lunch and dinner to test your blood sugar levels

An Accu-Chek Active meter is a great place to start. It is user-friendly, safe, and reliable. It also ascribes to the latest global accuracy standards (ISO 15197:2013), meaning that your blood glucose management routine becomes more accurate- better results for better health.

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