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Diabetes and Monsoons

Even though the rains bring the temperature to bearable levels, they may also pose as an obstacle for one’s immune system. Patients with diabetes have to be especially careful as it may cause complications to an already serious matter.

During the initial stages for patients with diabetes, they are prone to respiratory problems, some of which may be severe such as pneumonia and bronchitis. In certain cases, the rains cannot be avoided as some people will need to step out for work and other important functions that need to be attended. The rains have a tendency of spreading the flu and lowering people’s immunity. Furthermore, patients with diabetes already have a weakened immune system as compared to people without diabetes, making them more prone to viruses. Here are few tips that people with diabetes can follow to stay healthy:

  1. Stick to home-cooked food and avoid eating out as much as possible. This is so that you minimize the risk of catching the flu or falling sick.

  2. Stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Avoid bottled and canned beverages and stick to coconut water instead. This is because bottled beverages contain lots of preservatives and additives that are capable of weakening the immune system and causing problems.

  3. Sticking to warm foods and beverages at room temperature such as soups, and ginger tea will help build up your immunity.

  4. During the monsoons, fruits and vegetables are more likely to be infested by worms and insects and hence it is better to wash them thoroughly, rather than take a chance.

  5. Plan your day in advance and take precautions. In the case that you may be out for a long day, carry some snacks from home. This is because patients with diabetes tend to feel hungry more often than those without diabetes. Furthermore, it is better not to risk going hungry or eating elsewhere and possibly falling sick.

  6. Carry an extra pair of clothes. When it comes to the rains, it is especially important to carry extra socks and shoes as getting your feet wet may lead to several complications. Wet feet may lead to the flu, or in a more severe case, gangrene.

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