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Frequently Asked Questions

Holiday Season

What precautions should I take before I travel as a person with diabetes?

Meet your doctor before you leave on a vacation to ensure that your health status is in order. You may also want to ask for a prescription in case of emergencies during your holiday. Carrying a prescription from your doctor can help in cases where medication is not easily available over the counter.

As a person with diabetes, what are some travel essentials I need to carry with me?

Ensure that you carry a sufficient amount of medication and medical supplies, including your insulin pump. Pack your glucometer along with the lancing device and enough strips to last till the end of your holiday. Also remember to carry a prescription for medication that needs it.

Do I have to stick to my diet while on a holiday?

As a person with diabetes, you need to stick to the diet recommended by your doctor at all times. However, this doesn’t mean that you can't indulge! Consult with your doctor on what can be allowed into your diet, and monitor your blood sugar regularly to make sure you’re safely within the limits.

How do I get a diabetes-friendly meal while I’m travelling?

Depending on your mode of travel, check whether you can get a meal suited to your health concerns (some airlines offer this). If not, pack some healthy food to take a long or buy some nuts, fruits, salads or low-carb meals along the way.

I have diabetes and I find it hard to stick to my routine while I'm on a holiday. What can I do?

The easiest way to stay on your routine is to keep reminders for blood glucose monitoring, exercise and taking medication. Find food that suits your diet, keep a constant check on your blood glucose levels, and use free time to be active!

What can I do if I over-indulged during my holiday?

Getting back on track is the first step you need to take. Eat in moderation, do plenty of exercise and regularly monitor your blood glucose to keep a track. Visiting a doctor would also be recommended!