Remind me

to monitor my blood glucose


As a person with diabetes, you may have a great health routine that you follow every day. However, with the arrival of the holidays comes the fear of missing important parts of your routine, which result in fluctuations in your blood sugar. Here are some ways you can ward off this fear and stay on your healthy routine!

  1. Make time for exercise between your other holiday commitments. Instead of skipping gym for shopping, take a brisk walk as you shop!
  2. Be aware of the menu before you head to that popular restaurant so that you know just what to have, and what to avoid.
  3. The portion-control rule stands good during holidays as well. Savour variety dishes, but remember to control your serving sizes.
  4. Don't forget snacks and water. Make sure you stay hydrated and are ready for changes in mealtimes.
  5. It's okay to say “no thank you” to offers of second helpings or refills. Don’t ruin the rest of your holiday with a blood glucose level that is off the charts.
  6. Check your blood glucose more often! Holidaying alters your regular lifestyle pattern and this will reflect in your blood glucose levels. It’s best to be aware of the changes. The sooner you know if your blood glucose is off-track, the sooner you can take steps to come back on track. If required, you should consult your doctor with your readings.

Make your next holiday a memorable one. Regular monitoring of your blood glucose and checking with your doctor can allow you to have a great time during your vacation, so don’t let diabetes hold you back from having it!