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Keeping fit during the monsoons

Sometimes a little drizzle or a morning shower stops people from keeping on track with their daily routine. In some cases it’s just used as an excuse to be lethargic in the comfort of your house, and in other cases you genuinely cannot step out into the rain without risking your health. The latter is generally the case for patients with diabetes, however, here are some tip for keeping fit during the monsoons:

  1. Schedule

    Do not change your workout schedule because of the monsoons. If you exercise at a particular time, ensure that you stick to it. If there are heavy rains, you can always do a few indoor exercises such as spot running, push-ups, or even dancing!

  2. Equipment

    Always make sure that you are well prepared for the rains. One of the things you can do to stay in shape during the rains is buying and keeping some workout equipment at home. Certain equipment such as a treadmill or a workout cycle are good investments to make, however, even buying skipping ropes, resistance bands, and attaching a pull-up bar would suffice.

  3. Stairs

    In case you live in a place with stairs, it is a perfect opportunity to squeeze out a quick workout by using them.

  4. Yoga

    Most people believe that yoga is about increasing your body’s flexibility. While they may be correct, it is also a great way to build immunity, and reduce the risk of respiratory problems, which are common during the monsoons

  5. Core Exercises

    There are certain exercises that do not require any external device or tool and minimal space to perform. These exercises include push-ups, crunches, squats, lunges, dips, calf raises, etc.

  6. Household Chores

    Household chores are in fact, an excellent way to keep fit during the monsoons, while at the same time keep the house clean. Cleaning out the shelves, the cupboards, and sweeping the entire house is a great way to work up a good sweat.

* Please consult an expert/specialist before performing the exercise