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Summer a good time to enjoy various preparations of mangoes. But unlike ripe mangoes, raw mangoes contain less of simple carbohydrates (glucose/fructose) and hence make ideal flavour and taste enhancers of any dish. Raw papaya and mango both contain vitamin A and are rich in fibre. In fact, papaine, an enzyme in papaya helps to breakdown tough proteins, like meat for an example. So, this salad can be served with any grilled meat or seafood dish. One can also use roasted pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds instead of peanuts. Simply garnish with coriander and enjoy!

To make this raw papaya and mango salad, we advise you to use raw mangoes as they contain a lower amount of simple carbohydrates (glucose/fructose). Moreover, both raw papaya and mango are rich in vitamin A and fibre so preparing a salad to accompany any meat or seafood lets you have a balanced meal.

Begin making this salad by peeling ½ a cup of raw papaya and remove its seeds. Once this is done, cut the raw papaya into thin strips using a medium serrated grater. Repeat the same process with 75 grams of raw, green mangoes. In a large bowl mix together the raw papaya and mango. Garnish with one finely chopped green chili, 1 tablespoon of lime juice, 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds, a teaspoon of crushed peanuts and a sprinkling of sugar and enjoy!

One serving of this salad gives you:

Energy 74kcal
Protein 1.95gm
Carbohydrate (sugar) 11.01gm
Fat 2.16gm
Fibre 3.92gm

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