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As soon as summer sets in, you know that the marketplace is full of ripe, golden mangoes. You may have memories of enjoying in this rich, delicious fruit during your childhood and also with your family. Summers are never complete without enjoying these mangoes. So when everyone is enjoying this fruit, is it necessary for people with diabetes to miss it? Surprise! We’re here to reassure you that you can share in this seasonal delight with a little bit of care.

Here are some tips for people with diabetes

  1. Let your day be exclusively for that slice of mango! Avoid eating other fruits on days you eat a mango, as it could disrupt your blood sugar levels.

  2. Make sure that you know the ideal blood sugar levels as advised by your doctor.

  3. Eat in a portion suggested by your doctor

  4. Be sure to check your blood sugar both before and 2 hours after you reach for that yummy bite.

  5. Ensure that you promptly inform your doctor in case your readings are out of the range advised by your doctor.

  6. A slice always comes at a price. A 20-minute walk after your sweet treat is a must. This will help your body to process any extra sugar and keep you under control.

  7. Eating mango post meal or late night is a strict no-no, as it takes longer time in the body to digest, due to less physical activity during night.

  8. Don’t add sugar to aam ras, eat mango in natural form.


This article is validated by dietitians Geeta Shenoy (BSc - Dietitics / Nutrition, Post Graduation Diploma in Dietetics, Registered Dietician /Nutritionist, Sports Nutritionist, 29 Years Experience), Previously Geeta Shenoy was associated with S. L. Raheja Hospital, All India Institute of Diabetes.

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